Can I place a trademark on my purchased Logo?

No - Though we would love to help, applying for a Trademark is a legal process that cannot be fulfilled by a design firm but rather by a law firm and should be registered separately in each territory. Therefore, Tailor Brands can not give legal advice about your logo design and help provide a Trademark.

However, although we are unable to provide a Trademark directly, we do not have an objection to you doing so if you want to work with an external law firm to gain this license.

Even if you are unable to trademark your logo, that is acceptable as well. Many companies go on for years without ever trademarking their logo. Even if the trademark is acquired, it may not stop others from creating similar designs. If you take American Apparel for example - it is a logo comprised out of a simple Helvetica typeface that can be recreated in every word document. Their Business Name is the trademarked aspect of their brand.

For further information about Trademarks and your logo copyrights, please read our Terms of Service

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