How Do I Use Tailor?

The Tailor Brands logo maker allows you to create stunning logos for your brand in a matter of moments! Here's how it works:

  • Enter the name of your logo
    • Enter your business name, your name, the name of your blog, or simply anything that you want to be the prominent focus of your logo in this initial step. 
  • Enter your business description
    • This field is optional, but we recommend you enter a relevant description to help Tailor identify the best fit for your logo design. If you just don't feel like filling in this step, you can always click on "Skip"!
  • Choose your logo type
    • This step lets you pick what type of logo you want between name-based, initial-based, or icon-based. If you choose an icon-based logo, you’ll be taken to a page that lets you find that perfect icon to complete your brand (including abstract shapes or the option to choose your own image using the keyword of you choice). 
  • "This or That"
    • These steps are pretty important, as they tell us a lot about what you value in a brand design and your specific font preferences. We will show you two different font options, and you can click on the one you prefer. If neither option works, that’s okay, just select “I dislike both”. You are always welcome to go through the "This or That" process as many times as you'd like until you get the perfect logo design!
  • Register your account with Tailor Brands
    • We ask you to register so that you are able save the brands you create to your account and gain easy access. This way they are always available when you need to access them in the future!
  • Choose a design and edit
    • You’re almost done! Pick the logo design that you like the best, as this might be the foundation of your new brand identity! From here you can either purchase right away, or choose to edit (or tweak the logo a little more) until you have the perfect logo! You can change all sorts of things in the editor to make your brand just right! Currently, you're able to change the following things:
      • Color
      • Font
      • Layout
      • Icon
      • Icon Size
      • Tagline
      • Kerning (the space between the letters of your business name or tagline)
  • Build your own bundle 
    • Now you can create your own bundle, choose a pre-made bundle, or simple purchase your logo on its own. For example, if you want just a logo, you can click on the "Logo Only" bundle!
  • Brand Profile
    • After you purchase a brand, all of your brand assets and any add-ons you purchased will be found there. If you see an item that you didn't purchase yet, but want to get your hands on it, you're able to easily upgrade your plan by clicking the "Upgrade" button! If you have more than one brand, each of those brands will have a separate Brand Profile. :)
Additionally, we've created a video below to walk you through the above steps and see how easy it is to design a logo with Tailor Brands!

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