Can I Change the Color of my Logo?


You may edit the color of your logo in our editor, before purchasing, or as many times as you like as part of our Premium subscription plan!

To use the feature, simply click on the color icon and choose your perfect shade! Note that our editor supports different colors for different sections of your logo design too! Depending on the structure of your logo, there'll be different sections to color. You can also flick between different color layouts, by clicking the numbered boxes, until you find the right match. 

Simply click on the section you wish to edit, and play around with the colors until you find something you love. You can also play around with the color layout, by clicking the numbered boxes. If you were looking for a very specific color (or had a color code in mind), you can click on "See All Colors" and go ahead and choose your favorite! 

For any more information regarding editing your logo, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team, at [email protected]!

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