How Do I Finalize My Business Card?

Handing out beautiful business cards doesn't just look professional, but ensures people won't be forgetting your business any time soon! Within a couple of minutes, you'll have your perfect Business Card designs with Tailor! 

Note, our Business Card Design Tool is currently only accessible as part of some of our bundles. Once subscribed to a bundle that includes the tool, follow these steps to create your perfect Business Cards and Letterhead Designs:

1) Go to, click "Log In" in the upper right corner of your screen and input your account information.

2) Click "Purchased Brands" from the drop down box under "My Account".

3) Click "Select" under the logo which is linked to the subscription and you wish to create business cards with.

4) Click "Create" under "Business Card".

5) Choose your business card design from the options shown and click "Enter Details".

6) Enter your details in the field to the left and click "Preview".

7) Does it look good? Click "Finish" then "Looks Good!" when the pop-up appears. Your design has now been finalized!

8) You'll then be able to download the post right away, but it will also stay in your brand profile under the "Download" tab for the future! 

If you run into any issues here, feel free to reach out to Customer Support at

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