How Do I Finalize My Social Covers?

Before you are able to download your Social Covers, you'll need to choose or upload an image to place your logo over. This is easy! 

Note, Social Covers are currently only accessible as part of our Tailor Studio. Once subscribed, follow these steps to finalize your Social Covers:

1) Sign in to your Tailor account.

2) Click "Purchased Brands" from the drop down box under "My Account".

3) Click "Select" under the logo which is linked to the subscription and you wish to create a Social Cover with.

4) Click "Create" under "Social Covers".

5) Click "Upload Your Own Photo" or choose from the sample images and when happy, click "Next".

6) Next, if you don't care for our suggested text, feel free to edit the text and font on your Social Cover. After finalized, click "Next". 

7) Choose your favorite filter by clicking on the box you like best and click "Next".

8) Choose your favorite layout and click "Next".

9) You'll then be able to download the banner right away, but it will also stay in your brand profile under the "Download" tab for the future! 

If you run into any issues here, feel free to reach out to Customer Support at  [email protected].

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