How do I add a popup?

Popups allow you to add new popups to your site. Popups are a type of small window that appears on a web page. Popups can be set up to appear when clicked as a link or automatically as an action from a personalization rule. Use popups to grab user's attention or provide information without having to change pages.

To add popups follow these steps below:

  1. Click on Pages from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Click the Popups tab
  3. Click + New Popup 
  4. Select a popup type. The popup type pre-populates the popup with widgets
  5. Type a name for your popup, and click + Add Popup 

Activate Popups

Unlike a page generated in the navigation automatically, a popup can only be triggered by being clicked as a link or by using a site personalization rule.

Link to a Popup

There are several widgets that allow you to link to a popup, such as Photo Gallery image links, text, and buttons. When editing the links for these widgets, select the popup option to open the popup selector.

Edit Popups

A popup is very similar to a page. You can add new rows, columns and insert any widget into a popup. To adjust the size of the popup, drag the bottom right corner.

Popup Settings

To edit the settings for a popup:

  1. Click on Pages from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Click the Popups tab
  3. Click the Settings icon for a specific popup. You have the following options:
  • Rename. Rename the popup in the editor.
  • Duplicate. Creates an exact copy of the popup.
  • Delete. Deletes the popup. This action is irreversible unless you have a backup. 


  • Popup triggers only occur once per session. A session is any activity on the site and remains active until at least 30-60 minutes have passed.
  • To see your personalization rule in action, try 1) clearing your cookies and cache, 2) using another browser, or 3) waiting until the time has expired.

For more information or if you require any assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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