How To Manage Privacy Settings

With the help of the Privacy Settings page, you can ensure that your users are well-informed about the type of data and cookies information collected when they visit your page. The main tools you can enable in Privacy Settings are the Privacy page and Cookie notification.

Privacy page

A Privacy page helps to make sure that site visitors understand what kind of information is being collected, how it is done, safeguarded, what the rights of the user and site owner are, and more.

To add or update the Privacy page on your site, enable the toggle button next to Customize Privacy Page.privacy-settings1_en-us.png

This will prompt you to customize the text of the Privacy page. If your site did not have a Privacy page until now, one will be automatically created. If you are ready to change the default text of the page, click on Customize.privacy-settings2_en-us.png

For your convenience, all elements that need customization are highlighted in red:privacy-settings3_en-us.png

Make the necessary changes and when you republish the site, the privacy page will be added or updated.

Any additional changes can be made at any time by clicking on Customize in the same tab:privacy-settings4_en-us.png

The default link for the Privacy page is [yourdomain]/privacy, but can be changed to any custom link in Privacy page URL window:privacy-settings5_en-us.png

You can revert the changes you have made on the default privacy page any time by clicking on the Reset to original page.privacy-settings6_en-us.png

Cookie notifications

Some countries, particularly those in the EU, require websites to notify visitors that they use cookies. This ensures your website is compliant with local law and can be polite to security-minded visitors.

To enable Cookie Notifications on your site, enable toggle button at Activate cookie notification. Once you do that, every visitor to your site will see a notification that the information about their site visit is collected in the form of cookies.privacy-settings7_en-us.png

Click 'Preview notification' in order to preview the cookie notification on all devices. The cookie notification should appear as a top bar above the content of your site.privacy-settings8_en-us.png

You can choose to use default text for the cookie notification or customize it. The text field is free text and you may add any text or links to it.privacy-settings9_en-us.png

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