How do I set up my E-Commerce Single Product Page?

Editing your Single Store Product Page will allow you to choose from several layouts to display your items and control elements such as the text location, thumbnail image layout, and ratio.

In order to edit the Single Product Page, just click on the product you would like and scroll down the Store Design section until you see the Single Product Page. Here you will be able to edit the style and text.

When clicking on More Design Options you will be able to add other features to your Single Product Page. One of the features is updating the Quantity.

In order to enable the product page quantity field, so that the customers can select the number of products they would like to buy,  follow these  simple steps:

  1. Click on Ecommerce from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Click on Store Design
  3. Click on Single Product Page
  4. Select More design options under the Price Toggle
  5. Toggle Quantity on

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