I am receiving a setup error - postal code issue

If you are unable to complete the setup and registration of your Business Mailbox, it may be due to the use of an incorrect postal code. 

To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, make sure that you are not using a VPN service. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is used to disguise a computer's IP address to create online anonymity. If you are using a VPN service while entering your local postal code on our platform, this might be the source of this error. 
  2. If you are not using a VPN service or you are still experiencing issues, please perform a web search for your country's postal code structure. At times, the postal code structure found on the internet is different than the actual postal code you are aware of. By using the postal code listed on the internet, the issue could be immediately resolved. For example, if you are residing in Ukraine and you search the web for "Ukraine Postal Code" you will find out that Ukraine uses five-digit numeric postal codes that are written immediately to the right of the city or settlement name.
  3. If you have tried both of the above steps, but you are still having trouble, kindly take a screenshot of your Business Mailbox Registration form with the information fields completed, and send an email to our Support Team at [email protected], so that we can help you resolve this issue.
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