Can I reactivate my Business Mailbox?

If your Business Mailbox expires or becomes deactivated, we can always reactivate for you directly within our platform. 

In order to do so, we will need to receive your specific transfer token via Google. 

To retrieve the token, follow these instructions below: 

  1. Go to the Retrieve Transfer Token link here
  2. Sign in using your Business Mailbox Google Account username and password
  3. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Enter the Tailor Brands public identifier - C00nely7n -
    under the Enter Reseller's Public Identifier field
  5. Click Confirm Reseller Identifier
  6. Verify the domain name and business name match with Tailor Brands
  7. Click Generate Transfer Token
  8. Click Copy Code

Once the code has been generated, please send us an email at [email protected] letting us know that you would like to reactivate the mailbox, along with the code given to you so that we can enter it within our system and complete the reactivation. 

Note: Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated. If your token expires, sign in again and repeat the steps above.

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