What Legal Business Documents do you offer?

If you're a business owner, you're well aware that dealing with legal documents and contracts is a necessary part of running a business. But let's be honest, all that legal jargon can be pretty confusing and intimidating.
That's where Tailor Brands comes in to save the day! We've got you covered with an impressive bundle of 12 different contracts and agreements that you might need at different times during your exciting business journey.

So what's included?

The bundle of Legal business documents offered by Tailor Brands includes:

  1. Sales agreement: A contract outlining the terms of a sale between a buyer and a seller.

  2. Marketing agreement: A document that outlines the terms of a marketing campaign between a company and a third party.

  3. Mutual non-disclosure agreement: A contract that prevents either party from sharing confidential information with anyone else.

  4. Amendment to contract: A document that modifies the terms of an existing contract.

  5. Breach of contract notice: A document that notifies the other party that they have breached the terms of a contract.

  6. Termination of contract: A document that ends a contract between two parties.

  7. Non-compete agreement: A contract that prohibits one party from competing with the other party for a specified period.

  8. Services agreement: A contract that outlines the terms of a service being provided by one party to another.

  9. General release of liability: A document that releases one party from liability for any harm caused to the other party.

  10. Client testimonial consent and release form: A form that allows a company to use a client's testimonial in their marketing materials.

  11. Joint venture agreement: A contract outlining the terms of a joint venture between two or more parties.

  12. Letter of intent: A document outlining a party's intention to enter into a contract with another party.

And, as part of the subscription to the library, the documents will be updated on a rolling basis and new documents will be uploaded to your library every month.

More questions? Getting in touch with us is easy, whether you prefer sending an email to contact@tailorbrands.com, giving us a call at +1-888-209-2092, or simply clicking the Help button located in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

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