What happens if I miss the due date of my Annual Report?

At Tailor Brands, our goal is to ensure your business meets all state requirements for the annual report. This way, you can focus on running your business and we'll do the rest.

If you're subscribed to our Essential or Elite LLC plans, we will ensure you have all the necessary tools and information to file the required reports for you. 

As part of this effort, we send out a reminder email prior to your report's due date to confirm any missing state fees and verify that your report details are up-to-date before filing with the state.

It's essential to respond to this email within the specified timeframe to avoid any delays in filing your report. 

What happens if I miss the due date?

If the due date for filing your annual report is missed, there may be penalties or consequences imposed by the state. These could include late fees, loss of good standing status, or even the involuntary dissolution of your business entity.

In most states, such cases can be resolved by paying a late fee or filing a reinstatement. If you missed a deadline, please send an email to our customer support at contact@tailorbrands.com and we will see what options are available to you, according to each state's rules and regulations.

Keep in mind that this page serves only for informational purposes and does not provide legal or tax advice. In some cases where an annual report filing was missed, we recommend contacting the state's business division or consulting with a legal professional to understand the options available for your specific business needs. 

More questions? Getting in touch with us is easy, whether you prefer sending an email to contact@tailorbrands.com, giving us a call at +1-888-209-2092, or simply clicking the Help button located in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

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