I keep getting a design break. Is your site down?

If you are experiencing a Design Break, it is usually a one-time issue. 

We firstly recommend that you sign out of your account, clear cookies, switch browsers, remove any script or ad blockers, and log back in again. Secondly, the issue could arise from the device itself, requiring switching the device.

If this doesn't solve the problem, please use this link and click on the Green Help button to get in touch with us. In your message, please include the answers to the following questions and a screenshot of the issue at hand: 

  1. Did you already sign in or did the issue occur before signing in?
  2. What is the email address used?
  3. What is the URL (address bar in the browser) of the page where the issue is happening? The page before you got to the error page.
  4. What exactly did you click on when the issue occurred?
  5. Which browser and version are you using?
  6. Which operating system are you using?

We are looking forward to hearing from you to resolve the issue you are experiencing immediately.


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