Where do I find my Invoice ID?

Your Invoice ID can be found within the receipt that was sent to you when making a purchase. The invoice ID number is located on the top right-hand corner under the section titled Invoice.

You may also easily download your invoices from your Tailor Brands account. 

To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Tailor Brands Studio
  2. Click on Account and click Manage AccountScreenshot_2023-01-31_at_10.23.40.png
  3. Click on Invoices

From here you can download your preferred invoice(s) in PDF format


If you would like, you can also click on this link to get to the relevant page in your account, and then select the required invoice to download.


For further information or to speak to one of our Support Agents, simply click on the link here and submit your message via the Help button on the bottom right-hand corner.

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