What is a Domain and how does it work?

A Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

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Each domain name is unique and linked to a specific website and cannot be shared or duplicated with other websites. This is why you can not edit your domain name once you get it.


A domain is the "human-friendly" name of a website or the address at which a website can be found. 

In other words, we can think of a website as a physical house with rooms and furniture, and we can think of the domain name as the house’s address. 


Since computers cannot identify domain names as humans do, each website has an IP address - a unique pattern of numbers and periods that allows computers to identify and communicate with the domains. 


To make this easier for humans to understand, the Domain Naming System, or DNS, translates domain names into these IP addresses - which means you can just type a few simple words into a web browser rather than remembering random numbers whenever you want to visit a specific website.


For example, if I purchase the domain name "www.mywebsite.com", a computer cannot identify the domain through that name, rather through an IP address - for example, 123.456.789. 


You may think of it as a phone book, instead of having to remember these random numbers to access a website, we simply type in GOOGLE.COM instead of its IP:


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was created to “coordinate the numerical spaces of the internet, and ensure the network’s stable and secure operation.”

Domain registrars work with ICANN to officially register and link domain names with IP addresses.

Tailor Brands uses GoDaddy as a registrar, since they are ICANN accredited to do this procedure.

You should be aware of the fact that registering a domain name does not make you the lifetime owner of that name; rather, you rent out that name for a given period of time.

This typically consists of a rental period that lasts anywhere from a year to multiple years. Once that time comes to a close, you have the first exclusive option to renew your registration for an additional period.

If your Domain expires, this means that it will be available for other people to purchase.

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