How do I add a widget?

Widgets are the building blocks of your site. The Website Builder lets you customize these to your liking, giving you control over the appearance and layout of your site. Editing widgets also allows you greater control over what features your Website has and how these features behave. 

Whether you're looking to capture leads, lead visitors from page to page, show off images you're proud of, or put a contact number, widgets can help you out. You can add widgets to a site by drag-and-dropping them from the widgets panel of the left-side editor menu or via the inline menu.

There are two ways to add widgets: From the left-hand menu and the inline menu of your website.

Adding Widgets from the left-side editor:

  1. Click on Widgets from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Search for the widget you want by browsing through the list or using the search bar
  3. Click on the widget and drag it onto the site, placing it where you want it to be. A blue placement indicator will appear
  4. When you let go, the widget will appear in the location shown by the blue placement indicator

Adding Widgets via the inline menu:

- Right-click any widget, and in the context menu that appears, select Add Widget Below. This will add a widget immediately below the current widget

- If you’re right-clicking on a column, you’ll have more options to add. Click + Add and select Widget Below

In both of these options, you can do a quick selection from the most popular widgets, or click More widgets to open the full menu. 


When dragging-and-dropping a widget to your website, note the text in the blue placement indicator. Here's what these messages mean:

  • Insert here: The widget will be added to an existing row or column
  • Insert in new row: A new row will be added and the widget will be placed inside of it
  • Insert in new column: A new column will be added and the widget will be placed inside of it

For further information or to speak with one of our Support Agents, simply click on the link here and submit your message via the green Help button on the bottom right-hand corner.



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