How do I change my Domain contact information?

You can change your domain contact information whenever you like.

Note: Changing your domain contact information will not change your Tailor Brands account information. If you want to change your Tailor Brands email address or other information, you can do so through your Account Settings.

When updating your domain contact information, the following email addresses will receive a verification:

  1. The original email address that is replaced
  2. The customer email address
  3. The new email address that is registered

To successfully change the contact information, both the new registrant email address AND either the original email OR the shopper email need to approve the changes. (If the shopper email and original email addresses are the same, only one approval is necessary).

To change your domain contact information, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Tailor Brands account
  2. From your Tailor Studio, select the Domain tab on the left-hand menu
  3. Click on Advanced Settings and log in 

  4. Click on the Domain Name 
  5. Under Contact Information, select Edit 

Here, you can either edit All Contacts or each individual contact. (Note: If you can’t find the Edit option, your Domain Privacy may be active. Click on the View Personal Information link, and then you should be able to click Edit).

  1. If you would like to keep the information the same for All Contacts, simply leave the box titled Use for all Contact Types marked. Then, simply make the edits you would like and click on OK
  2. If you would like to keep the information different for each contact, make sure the box titled Use for all Contact Types is unmarked. Then scroll down to the contact you want to edit (Registrant, Administrative, Technical, or Billing)
    1. Registrant - The owner of the domain. (Note: If you change the Registrant, you won’t be able to transfer the domain to a new registrar for 60 days)
    2. Administrator - For transferring between registrars
    3. Technical and Billing - Not commonly used

Once the information is correctly updated, click  Save

Don’t worry if you can’t immediately see your updates - it usually takes between 24 to 48 hours before the system reflects any changes made. 


For further information or to speak with one of our Support Agents, simply click on the link here and submit your message via the green Help button on the bottom right-hand corner.

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