What is the difference between a Domain name and a Website?

While some may think that a domain and website are the same, in reality, they are two different elements that work together.

A domain name is the “address” of your website - the "www" place where people can find you on the internet.

 Your website, on the other hand, is a collection of web pages that exist on the internet which you can then connect to an online address (your domain).  

For example, www.tailorbrands.com is a domain name, while everything you can see on tailorbrands.com - images, content, etc. - are part of the website.

While you cannot access a website without entering its domain, you can indeed have a domain that is not linked to a website. Think of a domain like it’s a real-world house address, and think of your website as the house itself. While an empty plot of land can still be identified by a specific street and number, your house can’t exist without being located at a specific place.

You can also use the same domain name for different websites (at different points in time). Just like you can knock down a house and build a brand new one in its place, you can build a new website that uses the same domain!

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