Can I make a multi-language website?

Yes! You can translate your website into many different languages to reach a greater audience.

When adding a new language, a duplicate version of your website will be created. We offer two translation options: Translating your site manually or use the built-in Google Translate feature. If choosing the Google Translate feature, we recommend reviewing the entire translation before publishing. 

Note that when editing your site, the changes will not synchronize to the other language versions. We recommend adding multiple languages as a final step of your website creation.

In order to create a multi-language site, there are a few steps you need to follow:

A. Select the Default Language: 

This is the main language of your website - and can be accessed via the main domain.
You can manually set the default site language by following these simple steps: 
  1. Click on Pages from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Select Add Site Languages or Manage Site Languages (on the bottom)
  3. Next to the current default language, click Change and select the default language
Note that once more languages have been added, the default language cannot be changed.
B. Add a New Language:
  1. Click on Pages from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Select + Add Languages and select one or more languages
  3. Once choosing the language, click on Done and then Save

Once adding a new language, a Language Selector is added in a new row at the top of the website in order for users to choose their preferred language. Upon adding the new language, you will be prompted to position the Selector. The Language Selector is reflected in all language versions and we recommend reviewing its appearance within all device-types available (desktop, mobile, tablet). 

Once placing the Language Selector, click on Done, which will automatically add the new language to the website.

Disable or Delete Languages: 

Disabling a language: This allows you to work on the translation and content of that specific language before publishing the site for that language. You can publish the site without one of the added languages by making sure it is disabled. You can disable it by clicking on the toggle next to the language. 

Deleting a language: This removes a language from the website. Any previous links to this language will redirect to the main default language. To delete a language, click on the X next to the toggle, and then click on Delete.

Manual VS Automatic Translation: 

The multi-language feature automatically translates your content into the new language using Google Translate. Please keep in mind that this Translation tool may not always be accurate, so we recommend reviewing the translation and content before publishing the site. However, you can manually translate your entire site by disabling the Use Automatic Translation for New Languages Toggle.

You activate/deactivate the automatic translation tool by following these steps:

  1. Click on Pages from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Select Add Site Languages 
  3. Click on Use Automatic Translation for New Languages Toggle

Edit Content in the New Language: 

In order to select a different language version, click on the flag of your default language within the Language Selector, and then select the language you would like to edit from the drop-down.

Note that any changes you make to a language version will not be automatically reflected in the other versions of your site.

Add Pages and Popups: 

When adding new pages, note that this can only be done from the default language. If you want to display a specific page in a specific language, we recommend you to add it to the default language first and then hide the page in the navigation menu. 

To add a page to all languages, first, add it to the default language. Afterward, switch to each of the translated versions separately. 

  1. Click on Pages from the left-hand menu within your Website Editor
  2. Select the page you would like to translate 
  3. Click on Translate in the drop-down menu


There are some fields that are not automatically translated but can be manually translated. These fields are: 
  • Site/Page Title
  • Site/Page Description
  • Site/Page Keywords
  • Alt-text (on images)

For further information or to speak with one of our Support Agents, simply click on the link here and submit your message via the green Help button on the bottom right-hand corner.


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