Why do I need a Digital Card?

Traditional Business Cards have been the key to making new connections and expanding one's network for decades. However, with our expanding digital era, many people find it now easier to skip the printed version and to simply make a new connection through a digital link!

A Digital Card is a personal URL that is customized to each individual that shows their Digital Business Card. It contains all of the same information as a traditional Business Card and allows one to easily transfer the card to others. It also makes it easier for the recipient to simply save the digitalized information on their personal devices. 

Even more so, with the expansion of social media, many people are utilizing this feature for their social platforms, including Instagram. Instagram currently allows its users to post one external URL in their About Me sections in their profile, and many users are now utilizing this feature to upload their Digital Card link to their profile. 

Other benefits of having a Digital Card include not having to worry about the cost of a reprint or needing to make sure the card is physically on oneself, as well as it is more environmentally friendly and is more convenient for many.


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