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Like a traditional Business Card, a Digital Card is used to make new connections and to expand one's network. As technology advances, we now have the ability to enhance this experience through a digital link! A Digital Card is a personal URL that is customized to each individual. Containing all of the same information as a traditional Business Card, it allows one to easily transfer the card to others. If you are still unsure about having a Digital Card, check out this article.  


How to Create a Digital Card

With your Tailor Brands subscription, you have the ability to create and share your Digital Card with others. To do so, simply click on the Digital Business Card tab from the left-hand menu within your account. Here are the complete instructions for creating your Digital Card.


Adding an Image 

With your Tailor Brands Digital Card, you can choose a templated background, or you can add your own image to the card.


Saving your Digital Card

Once your Digital Card is published, others can save it with a few easy clicks! Check out this article to see how you can save your Digital Card. 


Editing your Public Link

If you would like to edit your Public Link, you can always do so through the Settings section of your Digital Card. Check out this article for more information on how to edit your public link.


Editing the Brand Color 

Once your card is published, you can always go back and change certain aspects to the card. To change the brand color of your Digital card, follow these steps here. 


Editing Contact Options

With your Digital Card, our platform automatically inputs a name for your contact options. You can always edit and customize these names to your liking. To edit the Contact Options of your Digital card, check out this article for more information. 


Unpublishing your Digital Card

You can unpublish your Digital Card through the Settings section. If you would like to unpublish your card, you can use this article here for further information.


For more general information regarding Digital Cards, feel free to check out the rest of our support articles here.

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