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I can't log in to my account

Having trouble logging in to your account? don't stress!

We will be happy to help you solve this issue.

This could be due to one of the following issues:

  1. Problem with the internet connection
  2. The username or password is incorrect
  3. Incorrect password
  4. Did you previously log in using Google or Facebook?
  5. Have you been blocked?

1. Problem with the internet connection

If you're having trouble loading the website sometimes or at all, there might be a problem with your internet connection that's preventing you from logging in.

To check this, try loading a popular and stable page like If it works and Google loads, then it's a very good sign that your internet connection at least partially works.

If Google doesn't load, then you've probably got a bigger problem than not being able to log in to a website.

2. The username or password is incorrect


If you are getting an error message like this, there's an issue with the username or the password you have entered.

    • Are you using the same email that the account has been created with?

It's very common for people to use more than one email address - perhaps you have a work email address and a personal email address - if you try to log in to a website with your work email when you actually registered with your personal address or vice versa, it won't work. So double-check that you're using the correct email address.

    • Double-check the spelling of the email you have entered, there might be a typo in it.

Missing or wrong character in your username is enough to stop you from logging in. The email you have created the account with, or the email you have updated it to, will have to be typed exactly right for the website to recognize you.

Misspelling the domain name is a common problem too - you might have accidentally typed "" instead of

3. Incorrect password

You can reset the password by following the steps shown in this article.

Probably the most common cause of not being able to log in to a website is using the wrong password.


If you have Caps Lock turned on while you're typing your password then your password will be in all upper case, which means it won't match what it actually is and the website won't let you in. Make sure your Caps Lock is turned off (most keyboards have a small light in the key that indicates it's turned on - push it to turn it off) and try your password again.

    • Are you using the right password for the site?

Double-check you're typing the right password in - don't forget that if a site is asking you for your email and your password, it's NOT asking you for your email password - you're using your email address to identify yourself and then using the password you set for that website to log in with.

    • Have you changed your password recently?

 Maybe you typed your old password by mistake or your browser or Password Manager extension is auto-filling the old, incorrect password. If you've recently changed it, make sure to type and update your saved password with the new one.

4. Did you previously log in using Google or Facebook?

If you have used one of these to log in, please make sure to use the same method to access your account or use an email associated with your Facebook or Gmail account and reset the password.

5. Have you been blocked?

Blocking your account from logging in happens automatically if you violate site policies (or if our automated system thinks you have). This also occurs when you file a chargeback.

If your account has been blocked, the login process will look as below:





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