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How to create product options?

If you sell products that have multiple options (such as color and size), you can list them as one base product with different options.

Creating Options

To create product options:

    1. In the left panel, click eCommerce, and then click Manage Store
    2. Click Catalog, and then click Products
    3. Click the product you want to add options for, and then click the Options tab
    4. Click +Add New Option
    5. Type the name of the option (for example, Size)
    6. Select an Input Type from the drop-down
    7. Click +Add New Selection and add a name and price modifier for the option
Note: Product options may increase or decrease the price of a product, but they do not have their own quantity of SKU. To track the inventory of product options, use Product Variations.
  1. Select which option value is the Default value. If the option requires a customer selection, select Do not preselect the default value
  2. Click Save
Tip: To provide separate images for each option, use Product Variations.


Input Types

The following input types are available:

  • Drop-down List. Allow selecting of one value from many choices. This is recommended when there are many choices shown in a compact list
  • Radio Buttons. Allow selecting of one value from many choices, such as colors
  • Size. Allows selecting one option from multiple size options
  • Checkboxes. Select multiple options at once (for example, pizza toppings)
  • Text Field and Text Area. Allows customers to type any text for a product. This is often used for personalization, such as engraving or custom printing
  • Date Picker. Select a date for the product or service from a popup calendar
  • Upload Files. Attach files to the product or service

Enable Options in Store

After creating product options in the Store Control Panel, you need to enable the feature in the main store widget

  1. Click the Main Store widget on your site to open the Design Editor
  2. Click Single Product Page, and then click More Design Options
  3. Enable the Product Options toggle

For further information or to speak to one of our Support Agents, simply click on the link here and submit your message via the Help button on the bottom right-hand corner.

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