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Reasons to Subscribe

Branding is not a one-time process, and we at Tailor Brands understand this. Our subscriptions give you more than just the logo design files, and they contain wonderful branding features that are there to help you boost your brand! Check out this article here for more information regarding our subscriptions.



While we offer a variety of products, for you to own the rights to your logo designs and gain access to our branding features, we have subscriptions available to purchase. To see the relevant features and prices for you, simply click on the Upgrade button next to the logo design you want within your Tailor Studio.


How to Upgrade

In order to access more features, you have the ability to upgrade your plan at any time. For information on our plans and how to upgrade, check out these articles here.


Account Settings

From the Settings section of your account, you're able to edit your account information, such as changing your email and password, adding collaborators, downloading your invoices, and much more! For instructions on accessing your Account Settings, check out this article here.


Invoice IDs

Your Invoice ID can be found within the receipt that was sent to you when making a purchase. The invoice ID number is located on the top right-hand corner under the section titled Invoice. You can also download it from your Tailor Account. For instructions on how to do so, check out this article here.


Freeze Subscription

Sometimes, you may want to take a break from your subscription and come back to it later. For these instances, we have the ability to put your account into hibernation while making sure you are still able to access your files. For instructions on how to freeze your plan, check out this article here.


Cancel Subscription

We're sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your subscription, but we understand that sometimes, things change. For instructions on how to cancel your plan, see this article here.


For more general information regarding Accounts & Billing, feel free to check out the rest of our support article here. 


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