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If you are looking to create a logo design for your organization, we can help! By using our free Logo Maker, you can design your very own customized logo within minutes. After designing your logo, you can then purchase the rights to it. By purchasing your logo design, you not only receive your Hi-Res logo files, but also branded assets, like a Brand Book, Business Deck, Holiday Logos and more. 


Hi-Res Logo Files

Once you have designed a logo with our automated Logo Maker, you will have access to a variety of high-quality logo files that will serve you for a variety of purposes including adding it to your website, social media profiles, wallpapers however you see fit. 

The Hi-Res logo files come with all of our subscriptions and come in JPG and PNG (transparent background) files in 3000x2000 pixel size.

We also offer a Vector EPS file for printing with our advanced plans. For more information regarding our Vector EPS file, check out these articles here.


How Many Logos Are in Each Plan?

Our platform has been designed to create one logo per subscription. The reason being is that we believe each organization should have a primary logo for their branding. 

However, you can edit your purchased logo design and make as many new design versions of it as you wish!


How to Edit Your Logo

Before purchasing your logo, you can edit it as much as you would like. If you have already purchased it, post-purchase edits include changes to the color, tagline, and even the layout, depending on the logo design you chose. For instructions on how to edit your logo design, check out these articles here.


How to Download Your Logo Designs

Once you purchase your logo design, you will have the ability to download the files as much as you would like, straight from our platform. Check out this article for instructions on how to download your logo files.


Uploading Your Own Images

Our system does not currently support uploading your own logo in our logo maker, which can only create logo designs that are generated from our system. However, once subscribing to our services, you may certainly be able to upload your logo for some of the tools that we offer, including the Website Builder, Digital Business Cards, and the Graphic Design Tool.


Uploading your Logo as an Email Signature

With our platform, you can easily add your logo as an Email Signature, whether you are using Gmail or Outlook. You can also add it whether you are on a desktop or a mobile device. Check out these articles for instructions on how to add your logo as an email signature here.


Logo Resize Tool

With your Tailor Subscription, you have access to our Logo Resize Tool. This tool helps you change the sizing of your logo to fit social media formats without affecting the quality, like for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can use this tool for custom size dimensions of your logo. Check out these articles for instructions on how to resize your logo here.


Brand Assets 

Another feature of your Tailor Plan is obtaining a variety of Brand Assets for your logo. These different assets include a Brand Book, Presentation File, Business Deck, and more. Check out these articles for information regarding these different assets. 


For more general information regarding our Logo Maker, feel free to check out the rest of our support articles here.

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