Online Store A - Z

Getting Started 

With our Advanced Plans, you can build your very own Online Store. Drive online sales for your customers and create fantastic shopping experiences that enable your clients to enjoy shopping with you. For more information on getting started, check out this article here.


Adding an Online Store

If your subscription includes an online store, you can set up your E-Commerce by switching from the Automated to the Advanced builder by following the steps here. If you have the Advanced Website Builder and would like instructions on how to add the Store, check out this article here. 


Customizing the Store Design 

You can adjust what your store will look like by selecting widgets and the layout of your Online Store, improving the presentation of your products. For more information on customizing the store design, check out this article here.


Adding & Managing Products or Services

With your Online Store, you have the complete ability to add and manage different products and services to sell to your customers. For more information on adding and managing products, check out these articles here.


Advanced E-Commerce Store

Some of our subscriptions allow access to our Standard E-Commerce Store. However, certain actions, like managing over 100 products and including product variations will require an upgrade to the Advanced Store. For more information on the Advanced Store, check out this article here.



After you sell an item, you arrange its shipment to the buyer. Whether delivering it to a post office, hiring a courier, or using a carrier company to deliver your products, the work you input should be compensated by your customer's in the form of shipping payment. For more information regarding shipments, check out these articles here.


For more general information regarding the Online Store, feel free to check out the rest of our support articles here.




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