What is a Business License Report?

A business license report is a document that summarizes everything you may need to operate your business legally.

The report typically includes details such as the type of licenses needed, the application process, associated fees, and renewal requirements. It serves as a guide for business owners to understand and fulfill their legal obligations and avoid any penalties or fines according to each state. 

Why is it important to have a Business License Report?

As all businesses require licenses, permits, or tax registration at a local country, state, or federal level, getting your business license with Tailor Brands will ensure you easily understand what exact licenses or permits your business requires, and how you can obtain them. So keep in mind that there may be additional licenses and permits required based on your industry, location, and jurisdiction. 

How can I get a Business License Report?

The Business License Report is offered as an add-on service, meaning it can be purchased either separately or in addition to the formation of your LLC via our platform here.  

If needed, you may also purchase it after you completed the LLC application with us.

All you need to do is fill in an easy-to-complete form with a few questions about your business and we then create a report that summarizes what licenses your business could need at each level of governmental agency.

Once you know which licenses are required to successfully run your business, you might want to consider filing these licenses with our License Filing services. 

Please note that sales tax rates, rules, and regulations are subject to frequent changes. While we aim to provide helpful information, it's important to understand that this page serves only for informational purposes and does not offer legal or tax advice.


More questions? Getting in touch with us is easy, whether you prefer sending an email to contact@tailorbrands.com, giving us a call at +1-888-209-2092, or simply clicking the Help button located in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.


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