Domains A - Z

A Domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. In other words, the name is the domain, while the information and pictures you see within are part of the website. You can find more information regarding the basics of domains here.


How to Purchase

In order to help get your business started, we offer Domains for purchase directly on our site. You can purchase a domain by clicking on the Domains tab within the left-hand menu of your account. You can see more information regarding purchasing domains here.


Free Domain

By purchasing one of our Standard or Premium Annual plans, you also gain the benefit of obtaining your domain for free for 1-year. Once purchasing the plan, simply search for the domain, and when clicking to purchase, the amount of the domain should automatically adjust accordingly to provide the 1-year discount. However, a credit card authorization is needed in order to obtain the domain.


Domain Privacy

When you purchase a domain, you are required to fill in a registration form with your personal details. You can avoid your personal information being public by remaining opted in for the Privacy feature upon Domain purchase. Check out this article for more information on Domain Privacy.



Once you have ownership of your domain, you will also have access to the Domains Advanced Settings (DNS). The DNS allows you to change records, add a subdomain or transfer the domain to a different host. For information on accessing your DNS, check out this article.


Advanced Settings Reset Password 

Sometimes we forget our passwords, it happens! If you forget your password to access your DNS, you can always reset it. For more information on resetting your password, check out this article. 


Business Mailbox

After purchasing your domain, you can then use our platform to obtain your very own Business Mailbox. By having a Business Mailbox, you can then create a seamless experience to receive emails corresponding to your domain. For information on how to purchase a Business Mailbox, check out this article. 


Connect an externally purchased Domain to your Site

In the case that you already have a domain that you have purchased outside of Tailor Brands, but you would like to use our Website Builder, you can always transfer the domain to your website. You can find more information on how to do so here. However, if you connect an externally purchased domain, we are unable to offer the Business Mailbox services. 


Transfer out Domain

We understand that there may be a time where you would like to transfer your domain out to a different host. Note that if you have the privacy feature active, it will need to be removed before proceeding with the transfer. Follow these steps here for more information on transferring out your domain. 


Cancel Auto-Renewal

If for any reason you would like to discontinue your domain subscription, you can cancel the auto-renewal by clicking on the Domains tab within the left-hand menu, and turning off the auto-renewal. You can find further information on how to do so here. 


For more general information regarding domains, feel free to check out the rest of our support articles here.

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