How can I switch from the Automated Website Builder to the Advanced Builder?

If you are looking to get a more dynamic website, customize it to be exactly what you want, or perhaps you are looking to add a blog or a store to your website, you can utilize these functions through our Advanced Website Builder.

The Advanced Website Builder will allow you to:

  • Add an Online Store
  • Add a blog
  • Manage SEO
  • Change the logo on the website
  • Change the font on the website
  • Create personalization for your users

If initially, you have created your website using Automated Website Builder, you can easily switch to the Advanced option by following the steps below:


Both editors are included in all of our plans, so you can open more editing options for free.

Note: Once you switch from Automated Website Builder to Advanced Website Builder, you will not be able to switch back to the Automated option.

For further information or to speak with one of our Support Agents, simply click on the link here and submit your message via the green Help button on the bottom right-hand corner.



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