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Business Mailbox & Google Workspace

With your Domain Subscription, you can boost your credibility by obtaining your very own Business Mailbox. By having a Mailbox, customers can reach out to an email address that is dedicated to your business. With the Mailbox, you also gain access to the features of Google Workspace.  

Here are some options of Mailbox names that you may want to start with:

How to Purchase

You can purchase your very own Mailbox through the Business Mailbox tab within your Tailor account. Note that you must purchase a domain within our platform beforehand to do so. See the full instructions on purchasing a Business Mailbox here.


How to Set it Up

Once you purchase your Business Mailbox, it will need to actively be set up in order to start using its features. The form takes one minute to complete and can be done directly through your Tailor account. See the full instructions on setting up your Business Mailbox here.


How to Add a User

Once purchasing your Business Mailbox, you can add additional users so that they can gain access to business emails for seamless communication between your company. See the full instructions on adding additional users here.


How to Delete a User

If you have a user within your Business Mailbox that you would like to delete, you can easily do so within your Tailor Brands Account. See the full instructions on deleting users here.


How to Reset your Admin Password

You can easily reset the Google Admin from your Tailor account if needed. See the full instructions on how to do so here.


How to Change your Username

Although not available within the Tailor Brands platform, you can definitely change the user name for your Google Admin and Business Mailbox directly through Google. See the full instructions on how to change the username here.


How to Reactivate your Mailbox

If your Business Mailbox expires or becomes deactivated, we can always reactivate for you directly within our platform. See the full instructions on how to reactivate it here.


How to Transfer out your Mailbox

If you wish to transfer out your Business Mailbox from Tailor Brands so that it will be managed directly by Google, you can terminate the plan with Tailor Brands, and then set it back up with Google. See the full instructions on how to transfer it out here.


Troubleshooting: Unable to Purchase Mailbox

If you are unable to purchase your Business Mailbox, check out this article to help with a resolution.


Troubleshooting: Unable to Access your Mailbox

You can easily access your Mailbox directly from your Tailor Brands account. Alternatively, you can also access it directly through the Google sign-in page. If you are still having trouble accessing it, check out this article here.


Troubleshooting: Not Receiving Emails

If you are not receiving emails, it may be as a result of not accepting the Terms of Service by Google once activating your Mailbox. Check out this article for more information on resolving this.


For more general information regarding domains, feel free to check out the rest of our support articles here.

More questions? Getting in touch with us is easy, whether you prefer sending an email to, giving us a call at +1-888-209-2092, or simply clicking the Help button located in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

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